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The Musician
original work in English Heloisa Prieto
translation to Portuguese Victor Scatolin
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1002 ghosts
illustrations Veridiana Scarpelli
112 pages
When the twins Catrina and Carolina come across a flying ghost outside the window of their flat, their lives seem to become a spooky play, as the ones they love to stage for their YOUTUBE channel. (Twins on stage) Thrilling mysteries in a page turner adventure registered by a secret letter exchange.
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The Tale Trackers: a simple twist of fate
author Heloisa Prieto e Victor Scatolin
illustrations Daniel Bu Eno
83 pages
The Tale Trackers: a simple twist of fate, written by Heloisa Prieto & Victor Scatolin is a compelling novel depicting the young poet Caique and his friends along their search for life´s poetry. After all, as Caique likes to say: “Every poem is a letter. Every poem holds a tale…”
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The Adventures of a Dog Named Petit
illustrations Maria Eugênia
55 pages
Petit is the name of a loving and playful Puppy. The dog will inspire several adventures written and illustrated by the two sisters: Olivia and Alice. A light heartfelt tale about the joys of friendship, inclusion and creativity.
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