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Pet wolf

illustrations Janaina Tokitaka
32 pages
Selected for the Minha Biblioteca program (São Paulo SME)
National Library Award
23,000 copies sold
Tucho was a 4 year old boy who thought wolves were his worst nightmare. No matter how hard his teacher and friends tried to tell him otherwise, show him wolves were not powerful monsters, but the most beautiful animals, he just could not change his mind. It was as if overcoming his fear of wolves would somehow pull him out of his early childhood days. Until a simple and funny solution came out as a way for Tucho to peacefully grow into boyhood.

Heloisa Prieto writes about childhood fears inspired by real kids. She also tells about the little, lost puppy she found in the heart of the rain forest and how Dolly, actually a guará wolf, became the most amazing family pet.
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