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The Music of the Spheres
128 pages
Florianópolis: Island of Magic. More than twenty years after the last show of the band Triaprima, Duda returns to the place followed a second Lenora. Does the young pupil who bears the name and talent of her old muse also carry her fate? As in Lenora, the first book in the series, the highest note that resonates in Ian is the power of music, a supernatural force that will once again unite the genial Ian Yates, Duda and Lenora, arousing the wrath of The Dahlias, a rock group of girls who pursue success above all. This time, Heloisa Prieto sheds light on the dark, hidden side of Triaprima, opening up for the band's fans - and for the reader - Ian's mysterious chest. Past and present mingle again, revealing curiosities that aroused in the previous book. New characters bring different chords, such as the lovely boy Cian, the flautist. Magic, Celtic mythology, proverbs, legends, Beatles, poems and a lovable tribute to Brazilian rock star, Raul Seixas are part of this melodic and enchanting composition. The invitation is done: approach the stage and increase the sound.
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