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Hiding Places

illustrations Daniel Bueno
48 pages
Chosen for the Bolonha Book Fair Catalogue (FNLIJ)
Adapted to the theatre by Cia. do Parafuso
Almost every child has a hiding place. A secret place to keep your treasures, to cry, to express feelings. A place of interiorization. And also a place of detachment, of perspective to look at the world and try to understand what happens around. Almost every child realizes that the adult world has hidden elements to their gaze.

In Hiding Places, Heloisa Prieto deals with these places, so dear to those who are growing up, and also of the gradual discovery of the secrets of the world, in a delicate text of memories in which, surely, the reader will see. Even the arrival of the younger brother, a difficult theme for almost every child, is treated in a welcoming way and turns that expectation into a loving and reaffirming discovery of the love of the parents.
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