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The Tale Trackers: a simple twist of fate

author Heloisa Prieto e Victor Scatolin
illustrations Daniel Bu Eno
83 pages
“Whenever Kayke recited a poem, everyone stopped to listen to him. But there were always the ones who liked to make fun out of him. People who kept on telling him poetry is just useless at the end of the day. Kayke liked to reply: Is our life useful after all? What are we here for anyhow? One day, he just thought to himself: Every living being is a poem, every poem is a living being.”

Tracking tales is a literary task, if, in the first book, the challenge was to find a poem for oneself (like so many poems that com across one´s way all the time), now, Kayke´s mission is to find narratives, to follow traces and vestiges. This is a delicate novel depicting a young person's astounding personal journey in search of poetical sense and meaning, which will transform his whole community. Every single one will be able to benefit from Kayke´s extraordinary sensitivity.

The past is an excellent place for visitation, having in mind these tasks in which libraries will become the journey´s epicenter. Nowadays, researchers rely upon algorithms and the poetic skills may become even harder to develop.

Yet, in the long run, literature can become an amusing, efficient game, a way of playing sign against sign, a secret sharing, bonding with friends by means of texts.

In this book, characters are constantly looking for signs, whether in samba lyrics, poems, short stories, old, classical novels. A search which will only end when you, reader, will start tracking your own tales in the sea of rhymes and literary master-pieces.
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