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Memories of a Privateer

Edward John Trelaway
illustrations Janaina Tokitaka
80 pages
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In this work, Heloisa Prieto recounts the story of Edward John Trelawnay, who has known lost places in the middle of the ocean, such as Borneo and Mauritius, and fought against pirates and navigators. Edward John Trelawnay was a singular corsair. At 19, in the nineteenth century, he was a combatant in the Mediterranean region and the Antilles, in the service of France. In addition to having seized the seas, he was also a writer. A friend of the British authors Mary Shelley and Lord Byron, he wrote a memoir about her travels. One of his conquests was to meet Zéla, with whom he married before the deathbed of the girl's father and, together, lived great adventures.
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