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The Peace Pan

a Story of Friendship Based on True Facts
illustrations Maria Moura
64 pages
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Santos, a seaside town, 1943. Luiz, an athletic boy better known by his nickname, The Tracker, leads the beach gang, the kids who gather inside a shack to read comic strips about King Arthur. Mentor of the group, which also includes Marlene, the young daughter of a Swiss immigrant, Karai-mirim, the Guarani shaman teaches them to love nature. For the group, Karai-mirim is as wise and powerful as King Arthur´s Merlim, the legendary mage. Fundamental values as respect for one another are taught by the young shaman who values harmony and peace. However, echoes of World War II will urge Rogério and his elite colleagues living in the sophisticated Ilha Porchat, an island nearby, to come to terms and try to destroy the Tracker´s team headquarters. Unlikely friendships arise by breaking up with prejudices in this real adventure.
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