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112 pages
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Early 70´s in Brazil. Duda, Ian and the beautiful and delicate Lenora, have decided to make a band called Triaprima. The rock trio knew success and fame, but had its career tragically interrupted during a show, on a beach in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. The band that rocked a whole generation left behind a history still involved in mystery, with the death of one of its members and the disappearance of another.

However, anonymous, revealing confidences about the band are published on line and Lenora, a young contemporary girl named after her the singer feels impelled to unravel the mysteries of Triaprima and try to find out whether somehow her life and the original Lenora´s were connected. Looking for answers at the Dunes in the beach of Florianóplis, she will actually meet Duda. It is only when these two lives meet that the pain and anguish that surrounds his tragical past finally seems to dissipate. Music as a way to overcome loss and open up for new beginnings.
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