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Traveller’s Tales

illustrations Jan Limpens
64 pages
Selected for the Minha Biblioteca program (São Paulo SME)
14,000 copies sold
Stories are born to be shared. And every listener or reader, eager for imagining, adores the words’ seduction that saves the time, the History, the memory. Traveller’s Tales are three stories spread by the time, and retold by Heloisa Prieto. The author focuses on three young ladies who are traveling and cross each other, having as a bound the desire of listening to stories. There are no boundaries for the sharing: Buddhist narrative, Arabic, or the Gipsy people, all come together leaning to hearing and enchantment. The illustration updates in the comics the freshness of imagining. So, every reader will take a ride in this walk.
Book Review of the Brazilian National Children and Youth Book Foundation for the Bologna Children's Book Fair Catalogue
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