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Grace O´malley, the invincible pirate

The work was nominated by United Nations book club under the category: gender equality.

Literature for children, teens and young adults with Heloisa Prieto.

Heloisa Prieto and Victor Scatolin talk about literature for children and Young adults in the amazing course produced by Navega Art. Learn about the history of timeless stories, find out about the merging and shifting narratives according to their cultural context and medium. Think about your favorite poems and narratives in order to discover your "literary DNA". Watch the trailer and a class. Follow up with some creative writing exercises.

Jeremy Murphy

Jeremy Murphy, Irish editor and literary agent, speaks about The Wind Riders, co-written by Heloisa Prieto and Adrienne Geoghegan, who also illustrated it.

The Wind Riders

Oscar Garcia, librarian and teacher, reads The Wind Riders first chapter and interviews Adrienne Geoghegan about her creative process.

Reset yourself

Mark Lestrange, Irish author, musician and composer interviewed Heloisa Prieto for his podcast: Reset yourself.


Heloisa Prieto is a member of the Inksplinters writer's group, coordinated by the writer Harry Browne, in Dublin, Ireland.

Celebrated Irish writter Mary O´Donnell recommends the book The Wind Riders, by Heloisa Prieto e Adrienne Geoghegan. Check out her post above.

Come Running Home

Davey Inthevalley, Irish musician, poet and busker, an Inkie’s writer, has written this song inspired by the book The Wind Riders, written by Heloisa Prieto and Adrienne Geoghegan.

The Best Things In The World

The Best Things In The World (Portuguese: As Melhores Coisas do Mundo) a 2010 Brazilian coming-of-age film based on the book series Mano, by Gilberto Dimenstein and Heloisa Prieto, directed by Lais Bodanzky. Enjoy the trailer!

Visiting dreams

Visiting Dreams book clip. Fantasy fiction written by Heloisa Prieto, illustrated by Jan Limpens, published by Editora Estrela Cultura Check it out!

The Unmissable Book

Heloisa Prieto reads her tale about a kid’s pet hate book that eventually turns into his favorite story. The Unmissable Book, text by Heloisa Prieto, illustrations by Jan Limpens, published by Editora Somos Educação.

The Wind Riders

Victor Scatolin, translator of Heloisa Prieto and Adrienne Geoghegan book The Wind Riders, reads its first chapters at Sesi/Cotia library.

Reading by Heloisa Prieto

Heloisa Prieto talks about life and literature during an interview at her house, published by Revista Nova Escola.

Wang-Fo and the magical arts

Heloisa Prieto reads "Wang-Fo and the magical arts" a chinese tale from her book There Comes a Story, published by Companhia das letrinhas.

Grandma's secret trunk

Grandma's secret trunk, childhood memories and self discovery insights feature this delicate short story, read by its author, Heloisa Prieto, originally published in Revista Nova Escola.

Divine adventures

Renowed writer, Penelope Martins, suggests the book Divine Adventures, written by Heloisa Prieto, illustrated by Maria Eugenia, published by Companhia das letrinhas.

The City of Sleepers

Writer, film maker, journalist Gabriela Romeu, suggests the book The City of Sleepers, written by Heloisa Prieto, illustrated by Elizabeth Tognato, Sesi publishing house.

All over the World with Mawaca

Mawaca lovely musical works inspired the book Songs and Lyrical Tales from all over the World, written by Heloisa Prieto and Magda Pucci. Check Mawaca´s amazing music!

1001 Ghosts

A thousand and One Ghosts, awarded, praised play by Cia. do Grito, inspired by the Heloisa Prieto´s book had excellent reviews.